Hythe View Resident’s Artistic Endeavour Supports Battersea Dogs Home

April 25, 2024

Barry Gleed, one of our lovely residents here at Hythe View, Hythe, is an avid watercolour painter, and has been painting for most of his life.

One visit just after Christmas to Barry’s room, he was showing our Activities Co-ordinator Debbie, some of the recent paintings he had completed since becoming a resident at Hythe View.

One painting caught her eye – it was the view from his room.  He had captured every detail and Debbie thought it was stunning.

She casually mentioned to Barry that he could raffle it for charity and for him to choose a charity that was significant to him.   He decided on Battersea Dogs Home, as he had always admired Paul O’Grady and the work that he had done for them over the years, but also because of something he had experienced himself, as a dog owner.

Many years ago, Barry, his wife and children set off on holiday in the car, caravan in tow and his three dogs in the caravan.  They were off to visit his brother-in-law, in Ipswich.

They had just got onto the M1, when he noticed one of the caravan windows was open.  He pulled into the services to shut the window, and realised one of the dogs was missing.  The only stop they had made was at some traffic lights in Kensington, London.  Barry unhitched the caravan and left it at the services with the two remaining dogs, children and his wife.  He drove all the way back to Kensington to look for the dog, but to no avail.  Barry was so upset and had to tell his family when he returned.  They were all devastated and had a miserable holiday as they couldn’t stop thinking about their dog.

On the way home from their holiday they called in to visit Lillian, Barry’s mother-in-law.  Lillian knew about their missing dog from a postcard they had sent from Ipswich.

Barry and his family couldn’t believe their eyes when Lillian opened the door.  There was his missing dog!!!!

Lillian had gone to Battersea Dogs Home to see if the dog had been handed in and he had.  The family were so shocked and ecstatically happy to be reunited to their beloved dog.

Battersea Dogs Home has a special place in many people’s hearts, but for Barry and his family they made a miracle happen.

So Barrys picture was auctioned at the home.  Between the residents, staff and family they raised £167.00.  When the CEO of Integrum Care Group who owns Hythe View heard of this heartfelt story he matched the amount raised, taking the total to £334.00, which is being donated to Battersea Dogs Home.

Here is wonderful photo of resident Barry with his amazing picture and Debbie the Activities Coordinator and of course the transfer to Battersea Dogs Home.


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